[ADVERT] online platform

Fixers oy

Fixers: Me luomme aikaa

The mission was to create fresh, modern electronic beat with organic vibe and contemporary "marketing feel" to elevate the mood of the voiceover.

  • Role: music producer
  • Client: Fixers oy
  • Year: 2024

[TRAILER] game

Bohemia Interactive a.s.

DayZ's Year in Review

The task was to produce aggressive contemporary electronic dance music with unexpected permutations and sfx glitches. Guys from Bohemia later added some weaponry sfx from the gameplay. They used my production in several other projects and I took part in the official game sonudtrack as well.

  • Role: music producer
  • Client: Bohemia Interactive a.s.
  • Year: 2021

[ALBUM] electronic & world music

Cosmicleaf Records

Viral Shroom

Lot of editing and mixing of up to 100 tracks with subsequent mastering. The recordings were from different studios. I prepared final sound for several band's works as well as albums and singles for their ambient project I-One.

  • Role: mixing and mastering engineer
  • Client: Shivanam
  • Year: 2020
Project 12 image

[SOUND DESIGN] theatre

Tramtarie Theatre

Alina Nelega: Taxi Vinyl

Based on Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, this theatre project was exceptional in many ways. Apart from creating sfx and music, I had to be all performance long above the stage as a dj character, playing songs from vinyl records. In this preview, there is music from the scene of beautiful film star having monologue about her youth, her success and perfect body, having the world at her feet, forgetting that time will take it all.

  • Role: sound designer, performer
  • Client: Tramtarie Theatre
  • Director: Jiri Trnka
  • Year: 2008

[TRAILER] game

Latchback Games Oy

Break The Beyond

Apart from hot sound effects, guys from Latchback asked for 80's horrorish synthy feeling for this trailer. I made some other trailers for them, each quite different in its mood, but with same audiologo. When you will play the game on your device, please notice that all in-game soundscapes and sfx are done by me too :)

Right click or hold, open new tab and download BtB from Google Play
  • Role: sound designer, composer
  • Client: Latchback Games Oy
  • Year: 2023
Finnair logo

[SPOT] TV & Online

Finnair Oyj

Finnair Holidays 20 sec. spots

Mixing of music and voiceover in Estonian according to EBU R128 broadcast standard for TV, and according to IAB guidelines for online video.

  • Role: mixing engineer, technical
  • Client: Finnair, agency
  • Year: 2018

[CARTOON] sound design

Positive Learning Oy

Huomaa hyvää

The task was to produce audiotrack for edu app marketing video with voice acting. The music had to be accessible for kids. Audiologo at the end.

  • Role: sound designer, composer
  • Client: Positive Learning Oy
  • Year: 2022

[SONG] räppi

KPC Records

Ota Kiini Jos Saat

"Only" recording of the rapper and his homies. Lot of people in my studio at once doing crazy stuff. Kiitos mofos :)

  • Role: recording engineer, technical
  • Client: Gettomasa
  • Year: 2015

Sound design for games, theatre and film.
Music mixing and audio mastering.

Hi, with over two decades of industry experience and a versatile soundscapes track record, I've worked with a range of clients, from independent artists to marketing agencies and game studios.

My background in musicology and tech provides a unique perspective on various types of works, their integration, execution and technical aspects, enabling high-definition audio solutions.

My job spans various genres and applications, partnering with performers, digital artists and devs, I can assemble a team if your proposition requires it. If you're seeking top-notch sonic artwork, songwriting or related expertise, contact me to enhance your project.


  • Sound design
  • Audio manager & supervisor
  • Music production
  • Audio branding, voiceovers
  • Audio books, podcasts
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Composition, songwriting
  • Theatre, Film and Game sound
  • TV & Radio ads
  • Foley & field recording
  • Restoration & forensic audio
  • Teaching, workshops, speaker

Tools & Frameworks

  • GitHub
  • Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, Logic
  • Pro-Tools, Live, Reason, Sound Forge
  • Midas, Soundcraft, A&H, Yamaha
  • Linear, Jira, Basecamp, Trello

  • learning: FMOD, DiGiCo, DaVinci